CSS - counter-increment


The counter-increment property sets how much the counter increments on each occurrence of a selector. Default increment is 1.

Possible Values:

  • name: The name of a counter. The name can be any string value.
  • integer: Defines an increment for the named counter each time the element appears in the document. This increment can be zero, or even negative. If no integer is provided, the counter is incremented by one.
  • none: No increment is performed.

Applies to:

All the HTML elements.

DOM Syntax:

object.style.counterIncrement="chapter 2";


This example shows a way to number chapters and sections with "Chapter 1", "1.1", "1.2", etc.

h1:before {
    content: "Chapter " counter(chapter) ". ";
    counter-increment: chapter;  /* Add 1 to chapter */
    counter-reset: section;      /* Set section to 0 */
h2:before {
    content: counter(chapter) "." counter(section) " ";
    counter-increment: section;


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